Alternating Group Chase

This is another ‘classic’ VO2 Max improving interval set but with a twist to keep it interesting.

We’re going to aim for 3 minutes hard effort (faster than 3km race pace) followed by a 3 minute walk. But to keep it interesting as a group we’re going to add in a little twist.

As always start with a good warm-up; towards the end of the warm-up split yourselves into two groups where all runners in a group are of a similar ability, i.e., one faster group and one slower group. Ensure that at least one runner in each group has a watch on which they can do lap times.

When you are ready to start the main set; start a new ‘lap’ on at least one watch in each group and then the fastest group should set off ahead of the other group at 3km race pace. After 3 minutes the leading group will walk to recover back towards the trailing group and the trailing group starts their 3km interval. When the groups meet the walking group start their next interval.

A worked example with groups A & B…

Step 1 – Group A and B run together at a warm-up pace.

Step 2 – Group A and B synchronise watches with a ‘lap’ press and group A set-off @3km race pace.

Step 3 – After 3 minutes group A stop running and start walking slowly back to group B, group B start running @ 3km race pace.

Step 4 – When group B catches up, group A turn around (since they were walking back to group B), ‘lap’ their watch and start their next 3 minute interval.

Then back to Step 1…

This should be repeated for between 5 and 8 repetitions.

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