I’m injured, well strictly speaking I may not be injured, but my nervous system is telling me I’m injured so the end effect is much the same; over the last couple of days there have been points where I’ve been unable to walk without assistance let alone run. Anyway, this post isn’t to take youContinue reading “Broken”

Winter Motivation

It looks like winter has landed and as the daylight wanes, so does many peoples’ motivation. Last week I had my own battle with motivation; it started with a minor work crisis that had me still at my desk at 6pm on Sunday and the possibility of a long run rapidly diminishing… However, I downedContinue reading “Winter Motivation”


This text is also available as a podcast Today’s podcast is about nutrition. Those of you who’ve run with me will know that I love nutrition, more specifically cake. However, as much as I’d like to exist exclusively on cake, science tells us that that is a rather less than optimal nutrition strategy. There areContinue reading “Cake”


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