How Not to Analyse Form

There’s no podcast with this post since the pictures are pretty essential! My marathon attempts and some of my long runs have all had the same challenge; at about 20 miles my quads and hamstrings get incredibly tight and sore. So in order to try and improve matters I’ve tried many things (which will beContinue reading “How Not to Analyse Form”

Time Management

You can listen to this post as a podcast at The topic of this post is time; therefore I’m going to do my best to keep it short. Marathon training takes a lot of time. Certainly if you want a pleasant marathon training experience with minimal injuries and a marathon itself, that doesn’t leaveContinue reading “Time Management”

Beating Training Fatigue

Listen to this post at Whilst a marathon may seem a long way, it’s the training that’s the really long slog. We’re typically doing four runs a week, two strength sessions, a couple of flexibility sessions, rolling after hard runs and timing your meals around training. You’re going to find yourself spending a lotContinue reading “Beating Training Fatigue”

Mind over Matter

To listen to this post visit Your brain does not want you to run a marathon. It knows that you’re wasting precious energy reserves. It knows that the longer you spend running the more your muscles will be damaged. It knows that if you then encounter a saber-tooth tiger, you will be unable toContinue reading “Mind over Matter”