Post Season Feedback

I’d really appreciate your ‘testimonial/experience’; partly for my website (if you are ok with it) and partly for general interest for future coaching. Feel free to write something completely ‘free form’, or there are some questions below to help guide your thoughts (they don’t necessarily all need answering and don’t feel they should limit what you say).

Also, can you let me know if I can use your testimonial publicly and if so whether you would prefer it; anonymised, identified by full name, identified by initials, identified by first name only and whether I can include a photograph of you with it.

A bit about your running history; when did you start running? when did you restart running as an adult?

What events had you run before? What was your longest before marathon training?

What was your goal for the training program?

What were your favourite parts of the training?

What were the worst parts of the training?

What were the most important things you learnt during the training? For each of those things; did someone tell you or did you learn it as a result of an experience?

What would you do differently next time? (aside from not even starting!)

What were your favourite parts of race/event day?

What were your worst parts of race/event day?

Did you achieve your goal?

What has helped your recovery?

What has hindered your recovery?

What were the most important pieces of advice you were given during training? (and who gave them to you)

Anything else?

Many thanks!