Jo Murray

Jo was part of a group of ten Gatley Runners who decide to run a marathon after the Covid lockdowns, they approached me the previous summer to work with them to get them through the marathon and took me on an incredible journey. It was only fairly late in the process that I decide IContinue reading “Jo Murray”

How I Managed to Stop Getting Injured (Quite as Much)

In 2018 I made one simple change to my training and since then I’ve run further and faster than ever before and had fewer injuries; what was the secret? When I ran Manchester Marathon in 2015 it would have been my first marathon if the course had not been measured 400m short… But still itContinue reading “How I Managed to Stop Getting Injured (Quite as Much)”


This text is also available as a podcast Today’s podcast is about nutrition. Those of you who’ve run with me will know that I love nutrition, more specifically cake. However, as much as I’d like to exist exclusively on cake, science tells us that that is a rather less than optimal nutrition strategy. There areContinue reading “Cake”

Mind over Matter

To listen to this post visit Your brain does not want you to run a marathon. It knows that you’re wasting precious energy reserves. It knows that the longer you spend running the more your muscles will be damaged. It knows that if you then encounter a saber-tooth tiger, you will be unable toContinue reading “Mind over Matter”