A Week in The Life (Part 2)

In part 1 of this post I went through the process of how I plan my upcoming training, this time we’re going to look at what actually happened… Monday, rest (or recovery) day; nailed it! All green, all ‘workouts’ complete – but to be fair nailing a rest day should not be a challenge, althoughContinue reading “A Week in The Life (Part 2)”

A Week In The Life (Part 1)

There are plenty of books out there describing the theory of training plans; how to design a season’s training, how to build each macrocycle, example workouts to go in each microcycle, a few rules for putting workouts in a microcycle, but then things start to get hazy. If you don’t have any commitments outside ofContinue reading “A Week In The Life (Part 1)”